Cell Phone Earthquake Warnings Available

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Did you know that Earthquakes give out interesting warning signals about 30 seconds prior? Well it appears so and no that is not much to save the population from chaos, but it maybe enough time to help people seek shelter in a place where nothing will fall on them or at least allow them to get out of a very dangerous situation. The average person who is in good shape can run about 150 to 200 yards if their lives depended on it.

Well now at least one cell phone company is offering Cell Phone Earthquake Warning features and their network will dial up all their users with this extra feature just ahead of the Earthquake. After the Earthquake it will call them and tell them where the Earthquake was and how big and any estimates for Tsunamis or Aftershocks. This company is in Japan, where they have lots of Earthquakes and it is sure to be a big service seller.

The company admits that for smaller Earthquakes the precursory Earth Waves maybe such that will prevent easy detection, but for the big Earthquakes when it really matters most the system will most likely work extremely well.

The JMA or Japan Meteorological Agency is working with the cellphone companies to alert them of high activity in the P-waves or primary waves, which come before the S-waves, the ones which cause the most damage and hurt the most people.

So far NTT, DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank Mobile have signed up to help with the program and will offer this to customers. What about in the United States in places like San Francisco, which is prone to huge devastating Earthquakes that kill tens of thousands of people? Well maybe Google’s new SMS on Steroids might interface with local mobile cell phone companies too. The future awaits.

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