Discover The Many Advantages Of Mobile Phone SMS Marketing

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Isn’t amazing how far marketing has come over recent years.

After dominating the print world it moved into the world of first radio, then TV and finally the Internet. Now it has started to rule the mobile phone world.

As almost everyone in the developed world now owns a mobile phone it naturally makes sense for marketers to move in. They can quickly and easily promote their products or services by simply sending a text message.

Using Mobile SMS Marketing to introduce and/or promote products and services is far away the best method to use.

A mobile, cell phone is now an important part of many people’s lives, enabling them to keep in touch with others using instant text messaging. The main benefit of using a mobile phone is the speed and simplicity of communication.

Those same benefits obviously also apply to mobile SMS marketing as businesses can easily reach prospective clients by sending a brief text message to their phones.

Below are some other advantages to mobile SMS Marketing:


Sending personalised messages is one of the greatest benefits of SMS Marketing. Done correctly, it makes your prospective customer feel special, an insider having a special deal offered. This is direct marketing at it’s most productive, as dealing on a one-to-one basis with your clients, personalizing your messages to suit their gender, profession and age group.


This form of marketing allows you to truly target your potential customers, and avoid those unlikely to be interested in your offer. This therefore cuts down on your advertising costs, as only spending on genuine potential customers.


As mobile phones are carried everywhere by their users it is easy to communicate with potential customers using instant messaging at any time, anywhere. This works particularly well if you are sending them an offer that is time sensitive.


Viral Marketing. is very simple to achieve with mobile phones. If your customers like your offer they are highly likely to send it on to their friends and family.


Surveys have proved that SMS marketing is 10 times more effective than any other advertising, and that includes email, print ads and classifieds. You should easily be achieving a response rate of at least 20% – providing you are using an effective SMS marketing provider. They are very affordable too, so you will have almost instant return on your investment. Be sure to take advantage of any discounted plans on offer, and save even more money.


You can easily change your messages, schedule their delivery and much, much more if you use a good text service provider.

Always remember – you are only sending instant messages to interested customers, and to those who have requested them. This is a very important advantage to SMS marketing. As your marketing campaign is permission based you should achieve a much better return on your investment, and see a huge improvement in your income, almost immediately.

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