Mixing Songs in Bollywood

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Mixing songs like a DJ has now become very famous among youths. They tend to see this as an innovative hobby. Learning to mix the song in a proper format is an art one has to learn that properly or by experience and only then he can be successful in mixing up good songs into a good medley. Mixing songs in Bollywood could be done right at home and this does not need any specific equipments or space to implement. You can make a smooth medley easily with simple tricks and tips.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow for mixing songs in Bollywood;

1. Check internet for good music mixing software products. It is always better to download four to five software products that could help you identify the comfortibility you feel with a single product. Dub Step Studio and Jam glue are the two famous and user-friendly music mixing software products available online. Add songs to the music software, make sure what formats of music both of these support. Based on that arrange the songs in the order you want them to be mixed. Go and mix them as desired at different time frames and then save them in a different name.

2. Fade in a few areas and fade out a few areas if you need to. You can view the audio in terms of time frames so you can edit it if you know the exact time frame that has to be edited. You can adjust the volume of different sections based on the synchronization required for the mix latest hindi mp3 song download.

3. Several attempts to hear them again and again would help you identify the flaws and effectiveness in it. If you cannot identify the flaws effectively then there are several mastering engineers who could find out the obvious flaws and hidden flaws for a few bucks. You can have a good less deviant song.

4. Compression should be decided at this point. You should be careful about compression, as this might sometimes reduce the quality of the mixed songs. So make sure that you try all the compression techniques and see if the audio is as it is. Sometimes recovery and compression might show up essential flaws in your mix.

However, this does not mean that mixing songs in Bollywood is so cheap, if you want to do a professional mix then you need to spend a thousand dollars to have a good smooth music to hit top in the list of the medleys. However, this can be done very easily at home with your personal computer.

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